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War Case

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There is so many wars had happen on the world but World War II has the biggest affection on our grandparents live and the development of the countries because it has destroyed most of the buildings in the countries and the sacrifice of the soldiers.

World War II was the biggest war in human history. More than 60 countries and regions were involved in the war, which affected some two billion people in the world, or some 80 percent of the world's population of that time. The war caused material losses of some 4 trillion dollars to the conflicting sides and great casualties. China was the main battlefront against the Japanese invasion, while the Soviet Union was one of the main combat area in the fight against Nazi Germany. According to statistics, China fought against 70 percent of Japanese forces during the 8-year war against Japan, which lasted from 1937 to 1945, with a loss of more than 35 million people and 100 billion dollars worth of material. Some 27 million soldiers and civilians died in the Soviet Union during the war against German forces from 1941 to 1945. The United States and Britain were core members of the anti-Fascist Allies. More than 400,000 American and 270,000 British soldiers died in the war. (Xiong Tong,, 2010)

The Fascists of Germany, Japan and Italy, who started World War II, ended up duly punished. Some 13.6 million German forces were destroyed or captured in the war, and Italy lost more than 160,000 people. Some 1.5 million Japanese forces were killed in China, and 1.247 million others in the Pacific. The civilian population of Germany, Japan and Italy also suffered from the military conflict. Some 4 million German civilians were killed domestically in the war, and 14 million others became homeless. In August 1945, the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked by atomic bombs, and more than 200,000 Japanese were killed on the spot. (Xiong Tong,, 2010)

As I see, war may


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