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Civil War Case

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Civil War DBQ

1) Future new states will decide if they entered the union as a free or slave state by being open to slavery by popular sovereignty. Popular sovereignty means that people in the states that want to be a part of the country will need to vote on whether they are either a free state or not. I know this because as Document #1 says, "Utah and New Mexico Territories were opened to slavery on the basis of popular sovereignty."

2) The fugitive slave law required Northerners to return escaped slaves to their owners. This created many conflicts, arguments and commotion. As document #1 states, "it also included a strict fugitive slave law that required Northerners to return escaped slaves to their owners." This shows that it was a part of the Compromise of 1850 and it was there to settle the slavery problem.

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4) The evidence on the map that shows a past compromise is the Missouri Compromise Line of 1820. This shows a past compromise because it happened before the Compromise of 1850 where it required that all the free and slave states were to be balanced. There was also the Mason Dixon Line. Other evidence of a past compromise is the key on the map which shows that there was a separation or compromise in the past.

5) The economies of the North and South were different because document #2 states, "as the industry in the North expanded, it looked towards southern markets." This shows that the South was very useful to the North because of the South's profitable cotton business. They bought the North's manufactured goods, which means that The South and North have to work together in order to be successful.

6) Protective tariffs or (taxes) were bad from the Southern point of view because the Southern people had to pay more for the goods that they wanted from Europe. This was caused because of the Northern businessmen. This angered the Southern people because they were treated badly. For example, document #2 reads; "it angered the Southern people to have to pay more for the goods they wanted from Europe."

7) The Southern politician feels that the North will emancipate their slaves which meant that all the slaves were going to be free. They are afraid that the North will free their slaves leaving the South in trouble. Document #3 states; "The North


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