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Civil War

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Jessica Lazier

The United States have been in many wars. One of the most important wars that the United States was involved in was the Civil War. The Civil War was a war between the north and the south. The north won for many reason and the south lost for many reasons.

The north won the Civil War for many reasons. One reason was that the north had more men to fight for them, those included people who wanted to put an end to slavery and slaves themselves. This helped because the north had more men to lose which was to the advantage. The second reason is that the union blocked all the southern ports. When the north put a blockade to all the southern ports the south could no longer get any supplies, which included medicine and weapons. The third reason is that the north had more control of newer weapons. The fact that the north had more of a transportation system helps the north get more of the weapons such as repeating weapons. Also the north had better generals that were inspirational and have a good strategy.

The south lost the civil war for many reason. One reason is that the confederate government did not have the financing for the war. They tried to get money for borrowing it and for an income tax. They then started to make paper money. By 1864 they have 1.5 billion dollars in paper money. The second reason is that the war increased in stability in the southern society this was because of the blockade, it cut off southern planter form producers of the north markets. It also wrecked havoc on the landscape, destroying farmland, town cited and railroads. The third reason is the south didn't have the man power that the north had. The north could afford to lose thou sons of men which they could replace meanwhile the south could not. The fourth reasons that the south lost the war was that Jefferson Davis failed to create an effective central command system. The last reason is that at the south failed


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