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Civil War

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Civil War

War between 2 or more different groups within the same state

It is not necessarily limited to the country itself, as there could be external help

Classic example, the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39

Does WWI classify as a civil war in any way at all?

Russia - the 2 revolutions of 1917

They weren’t civil wars, because there was no fighting and so they weren’t wars, even though there were 2 opposing sides within the country

The February revolution consisted of protests, demonstrations, etc. But no fighting and therefore, no war

The October revolution was a classic coup - the Bolsheviks just took over power. There was a little fighting, but not a war. The events took place over a single night.

Therefore, we can’t classify the revolutions in Russia as civil wars

The Arab revolt, within the Ottoman Empire, was the closest to a civil war during WWI

Austria-Hungary is another example of a belated series of civil wars breaking out within an empire

Germany might possible have descended into a civil, revolutionary war, had they not signed the armistice in 1918

There was hardly any aspect of civil war in WWI - nationalism was a strong sentiment at the time, and mostly everyone supported their country. Also, Germany hadn’t actually occupied any foreign territory and so nobody was fighting against ruling powers

A bit of a stretch, but there was a sort of civil war between the royal families of Europe, but they were different sovereign states

Guerilla Warfare

War where, typically, a weaker force fights a stronger one, and adopts certain tactics in order to wear down the stronger force, in a sort of prolonged war of attrition and defeat the enemy psychologically



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