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Role of Culture in the Maintenance of Social Anxiety

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For this assignment I decided to choose option 1 and participate in a study by following one of the links in the assignment outline. I decided to follow one of the websites provided in the assignment, Health. On this webpage there were links to websites where one could participate in studies, the one that caught my interest the most was the “Role of Culture in the Maintenance of Social Anxiety”. This study was conducted by Macquire University, a public research university based in Sydney, Australia. The stated goal of they study is to examine the role of culture in the maintenance of social anxiety. This study is being conducted as partial fulfillment for a Masters Clinical Psychology by a student under the supervision of a qualified doctor. The empirical method used in the study was qualitative, using internet-based survey methods. The one disadvantage that comes with using this method is that bias can occur, where prejudice in favor of or against the questions. This is because the participant might perceive certain questions differently then the research intended them affecting the outcomes. The one advantage of this method is however is using the power of the internet to provide access to participants who otherwise would never be reachable. The reason being it allows for a better diverse population and a variety in data to arrive at the most plausible conclusion. Before beginning the research, I was able to read the privacy statement, and agree before I began answering the questions. It began off with feelings and how one felt about themselves in the recent week, to more of how one behaves and uses their morals in a group setting. There were seven options for each statement included going disagree very much to strongly agree very much, to neither agree or disagree in the center. The next section was focused on feelings and certain traits and characteristics in a group setting, where the options ranged


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