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Needs, Achievement and Motivation

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Needs, Achievement & Motivation

1. Is this scale adequately sampled of your achievement motivation? Could it be improved? How?

I believe that this scale is a biased and somewhat leading example of my achievement motivation. Although some of the results displayed similarities to my actual motivations, they were somewhat skewed and did not fairly portray the majority of my internal drive. I think that this survey could be improved, even to the point of including more questions and providing a greater scale for rating. Not everyone can define themselves with a limited one through five rating scale. To provide more valid, and true to actuality responses, I suggest that there be ten questions in this survey instead of five, and I also believe that the rating scale should be a one to ten range, instead of a one to five. Both of these changes will increase the validity of the responses provided, and encourage a more adequate sample of the respondent's achievement motivation.

2. Do these behaviors indicate the existence of a need and the intensity of the drive to satisfy it? What need? Why?

As is with all internal motivations, there is a need that is encouraging this motivation, and this need intensifies the degree of the motivation and the external effort put into satisfying this need. According to my response, it seems as though I have a need to be successful, and this need is motivated by my fear of failure. I do not want to be poor, or not have a job, or be an unfair example of my internal capabilities; therefore, I measure my success based on my position in the professional world, and how much money I make.

3. How do you define motivation? Compare your intrinsic motivation level that you have today, while attending school and that when you were in high school. What are the differences? Similarities?

In my opinion, your motivation is what drives you to get up every day, and what makes you who you are. You act accordingly to your motivations. If my motivation is to be 200 lbs, then I will do everything in my power to make this happen. Your motivations are in direct correlation to your wants and needs. Because your wants and needs change on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, so do your motivations. I have more intrinsic motivation now than I did when I was in high school, simply because I am older, more mature, and I have more at stake. In high school, if I failed a class, I would just get grounded. In college, if I fail a class, I will not graduate on time; therefore, I may have a harder time finding a job upon finishing school. There is only one similarity between my instrinsic motivation now and when I was in high school is that it is existent, and it is still drawn from the same


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