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How Does Music Affect Your Life?

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GAC 002 Task 3.17: Introduction to Essay Writing

How Does Music Affect Your Life?

Student:        Siauw, Jeremy Naphtali Budiono

Student ID:        SKTB44909

Teacher:        Gavrila Eka Chandra

Due Date:        7th September 2018

Word Count:        232 words

Question: You can found music everywhere. But what is the effect of music? How does music affect your life? How to get the positive effect from the music?

Music is one of the most important things in your life. It can increase your IQ and even it can reduce depression. However, music can also increase your emotion depending on what type of music that you listen to.

Music has so many effects, for example, it affects your emotions, creativity, focus and also IQ. In fact, a person who listens to classic songs such as fur elise and winter sonata, has higher IQ than who listens to hard rock songs. A person can be more creative when listening to music because it reduces depression, emotion, and refresh your mind so that they will have a better focus and they will be more creative.

The other effect of listening to music is when you are listening to a happy song, your mood will be boosted up and your sadness will be reduced. Music can also distract you from your worries, because when you are listening to music your brain will only focus on the music not on what you are worried about and listening to music will distract you from it. To illustrate this point, when you are stress and you are listening to music, you will be relaxed.

In conclusion, music can improve your focus, creativity, and happiness, increase IQ depends on what type of music you listen to, reduce depressions, distract you from your worries and also refresh your mind.


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