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Causes of the Increase in Life Expectancy

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I’m Özge Karaoğlu and I am the fifth guest teacher on TeachingEnglish. I was born in Zonguldak, Turkey in 1981. After I graduated from high school, I moved to Istanbul which is the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents (Asia and European).

I have always been hardworking and in my university entrance exam, I was the 246th over fifty thousand people. I graduated from Istanbul University, which was founded in 1453, and one of the best schools in Turkey, as an English teacher in 2005. I started my second major in my second year of university in Psychological Counseling.

I’m the coordinator of the kindergarten department. I have been teaching English to young and very young learners for the last five years. I am responsible for designing and developing the curriculum, assessing the students and material development for the kindergarten classes.

My working days start at 8:00 and finish at 5:30 in the evening. My classes last 30 minutes and everyday I have about five classes. 30-minute lessons may seem easy but working with young and very young children (age between 6 and 8) is very different. It’s more difficult and tiring than teaching teenagers. In my opinion they have short attention spans and you have to keep them busy all the time with different activities. But I believe the younger the students are; the more rewarding the experience is for the teachers if we have clear goals in our hands considering our student’s needs and demands.

I have written children stories for EFL students which were all topic-based and we have been using them at our school to teach kindergarten students. They are called “Daisy Stories” because the main character in the stories is a little girl named Daisy. Last year, a very close friend of mine illustrated one of them and we decided to make a project for our kindergarten classes. My book “Daisy and Drago” was made into a short animated


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