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Bshs 395 - the Interview Process

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The Interview Process

Nicole L.


May 16, 2016

Sherri Culver

The Interview Process

The interview process is a process consisting of several parts both individual, and co-mingled throughout the process. Assessment, planning, and implementation are three steps fundamental to the interview process. Confidentiality, and strengths-based approach are two very important key factors included in an interview. Included in the interview process are active listening skills and questioning skills. The interviewer must also employ responding skills including: minimal responses, paraphrasing, reflection, clarification, and summarizing.  The interview process is complex, but with a little practice, can become second nature.

Jordan is a 14-year-old male who lives with his father and step-mother. He is currently on house arrest as a consequence for breaking into homes in the apartment complex he lives in. He has been in and out of his home as a run-away and his father is becoming concerned for his wellbeing. Jordan states that his father and step-mother are never home, so “why should they care?” Jordan has been referred to this helper through the courts.

The helping process begins with the first stage of the interview. In most cases, the interview is the first point of contact between the client and the helper. There are several ways in which this happens. The potential client may reach out to the helper (or agency), the helper may make contact with a potential client, or the client may be mandated to see a case manager (helper) against their will.

Typically, the interview begins with the helper greeting the client (in this case, Jordan), inviting him in, either asking the client to fill out paperwork, or working with the client to fill out the paperwork for them, and then explaining the purpose of the interview and their roles in the helping process, explore problems that the client is experiencing, and work on building rapport. The helper will work with Jordan to establish trust and a safe environment where he can express himself and explore his emotions and the problems he is experiencing.

As the interview progresses to the middle and end, the helper moves on, working toward clarification of Jordan’s problems and they establish what services he may be eligible for through the agency. During this part of the interview, the helper will also find ways to focus on Jordan’s strengths and goals. A strengths-based approach is very important throughout the interview process. The helper will work with Jordan to find ways in which his strengths can help him to overcome his problems.

When the interview moves toward the end of the session, the worker will summarize the session, highlighting Jordan’s strengths, important factors, and progress toward focusing on finding and linking the proper resources and services that are appropriate for Jordan.


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