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Assessing the Crisis

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University of Phoenix Material                

Assessing the Crisis

Part One

Watch the Scenario 6 video clip, “Crisis Line.” Using the hybrid model, provide an example of each step illustrated in the video.

Tasks in the hybrid model

Example of each step

Predispositioning, engaging, and initiating contact

Operator (Brittany) anserwerd, gave their name, and relayed that it was the Crisis Hotline. Operator then asked for the callers name (Amy) and asked if they needed help.

Exploring problems: defining the crisis

Amy related that she was pregnant and was running from her abusive boyfriend. She needed money in order to get to Oklahoma City where her sister lives. Her car has broken down.

Providing support

Operator provided good communicating skills by listening and relaying important information.

Examining alternatives

Continuing to her sister house or finding a shelter that wil take her in until she could gather some money and get some things in order.

Planning in order to reestablish control

Operater helping the caller plan one step at a time. Helping with her car that has broken down, finding a shelter to take her in, then finding money that will then help her get to her sisters house so that she could begin a better life for herself and baby.

Obtaining commitment

Helpling Amy understand that there is help and having Amy repeat everything that the Operator has said. Flagging down an officer to get her help, get her to a shelter that wil help her figure out how to get money so that she can get to her sisters house.

Following up

Staying on the phone with Amy and talking with the officer so that Amy feels safe and in control. Letting the officer know what is going on and what kind of help Amy needs.

Part Two

Create a progress note* that captures the ABCs of assessment—affective, behavioral, and cognitive—from the video in Part One. See the following example before completing the table that follows.


Client is a 20-year-old single Caucasian female. She reported feeling upset for the last 2 months since her boyfriend broke up with her. Client appeared to be depressed, as evidenced by tearfulness during the session. Client denied any suicidal or homicidal ideation (SI/HI) and reported no past history of danger to self or others (DTS/DTO).


Client was asked if there have been times in the past that she felt this way. She stated the last time she felt like this was a year ago when she failed her math final. This writer explored strategies with the client that helped the last time she felt this way. The client reported that she has been able to get a lot of assistance from talking with her friends and running. She stated her friends are very supportive and that running helps her feel better about herself. Client agreed that if she continued feeling this way over the next 24 hours, she would call her best friend and go for a run.


Client appeared to be clear and logical in her thinking. Client denied any auditory or visual hallucinations (AH/VH) or delusions. She was future-oriented and has a plan in place if she does not start feeling better. 


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