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Aedv204 - Socioeconomic Status

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Socioeconomic Status

Melissa Houle

AED 204

Sunday April 21, 2013

Laurie Ocampo

Socioeconomic Status

Going to a school dance is a big event for many young students. Kids get excited about what to wear and who is going with whom. Socioeconomic status can get in the way even at events that are not educational in value but have been school sponsored.

When children come from a lower financial standing than others they are not able to have the newest designer labels for the clothes they wear. When they go to dances they also might not arrive in the fancy cars other might be able to arrive in. Due to the income their parents have some times the students can be picked on or feel as though they should not attend events such as these.

When stereo type words used to group individual students are used children can knowingly or unknowingly prevent others from attending school sponsored events. Labels such as nerd, jocks, geeks and, bookworms are meant to tell who belongs to what group. However, when kids do not want to have a group attend, they will use these labels against the students and make them feel bad about themselves.

Students who come from affluent families can feel as though they are entitled to the best of everything. Parents, although meaning the best, can sometimes fall into the trap. The parents of the students, who wanted to wear tux and gowns, may want to make the evening special for their child but in doing so they are making it difficult for other students to feel as though they are wanted at the dance. While the parents are able to provide some of the luxuries for their child they are not able to provide for all.

Schools that provide a place for their students to have a dance need to be sure they let students as well as parents know what expectations are when planning for an event. Sending home notices about what is expected to be worn numerous times will help to ensure the information is out there. When using words such as coat-and-tie affair broad language is being used to describe what is expected and will be accepted. Giving examples would help to eliminate any confusion. Boys are to wear slacks, a button up the front shirt with a tie. Girls need to wear a nice pant suit or a simple dress. Sunday best would be acceptable. Also let parents know what will and will not be tolerated with behavior in regards to stereo typing or making others feel they are not welcome at the dance. Letting parents know what is and is not expected is the easiest way to avoid problems while letting students have a fun evening.


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