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Financial Status Report of Icici

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Summarizing Assignment for CFM


As we can see the ICICI financial status for the year 2009, ICICI has consistently grown for the last four years, showing the right fundamental framework in place. Looks like the slight effects of global recession has affected ICICI in a way, but the company continues to do better off than its peers in terms of market share as well as market capitalization and more so the year on year growth still shows promising picture of the coming days. Also there is enough reason to believe that the company will bounce back strongly to pre-recession level growth phase very soon.


The results for ICICI company depicts that the global recession has proven to be a speed bump in the otherwise strong and consistent growth seen over the years. The past 4 years have highlighted the correct fundamental framework in place and ICICI’s growth appetite in the current market. It still leads the sector with a clear margin in sales, which is very encouraging. Even with the recession striking, it has done well in comparison with its peers and at the same time individual sales are also in good growth numbers.

Stock price history suggests that the company has shown outstanding returns over BSE/NSE and it is expected to get back to its spectacular growth levels and increase the market lead by significant amount. As it is , it has an advantage over its peers which can be exploited to benefit the company by investing in the right areas and focusing on expansion into rural markets. Penetration into markets will further enhance its position. Despite the current scenario, a buy recommendation is advised taking into account, strong fundamental and company position in market. Within few quarters high returns to investment can be expected.


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