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Impact of Fighting Corruption - Financial Accounting Report

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2.3 Impact of Fighting Corruption

2.3.1 Public

        The main impact of fighting corruption to the public is that the corruption can be reduced and the public also become an anti-corruption.  At the same time, the improvement in responsibility and integrity in public services’ management and administration can be achieved.  The efficiency of public service delivery system through the dual objectives of strengthening the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance also increase.  

        Beside that, the public become more responsible, honest and ethical in doing their job.  This will result in increase the efficiency of the supervision of public funds and resources, and management of the affairs of the department or agency.  The public money will be spent wisely without wasting the money.  The waste also will be able to identify.  The efficiency of financial management on an ongoing basis and economical management of resources and effectiveness through appropriate policies can be achieved.  It is important for the public sector constantly maintained and improved its ability to meet the needs of the government and the public interest.

        The development policy will be more efficient and manageable because there is no influence from parties or individuals that have their own interest on it.  Instead, it will focus more on the interests and needs of the community.  The national security will also secure from external threats such as leakage of government secrets, selling firearms illegally because enforcement officials had received bribes.

2.3.2 Private

        The impact of fighting corruption on private sector is a moral and ethical improvement in their work.  This allows the existence of a sense of responsibility and honesty in their work.  In addition, it will increase the level of motivation, efficiency and quality of their work and this will enhance the credibility of a private organization.  People will trust them and want to deal with them.

        Besides, fighting corruption can give impact to the private in a way of a safe working environment can be fostered within an organization when there are no elements of corruption in the organization.  The workers will be treated fairly and no elements of oppression within the workers and the top management.


2.3.3 Society

        The impact of fighting corruption to the society can reduce the oppression of the poor and denying the right of certain groups in society.  When corruption happens, the poor would be suppressed because they could not pay the bribes and their rights as a citizen is denied.  The enforcement of regulations and laws will be fairer and there will be no element of favouritism.  Without these, the one who will become the victim of unfair treatment is the one who unable to give bribes.


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