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The Arguments About the Existence of God

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Semey Shi

Professor Abel Hernández

Philosophy 120

8 July 2017

The arguments about the existence of God

Ontological argument and teleological argument are two theories brought by Aquinas to prove the existence of God. Both argument stand on some specific premises which make the argument plausible and complete as a unity. However, it is also the premises that where their problems locate at. With the development of technology, these arguments began to be proven problematic, and it also raises the concern of philosophy itself. Where it came from, how it developed and where will it go?

The first argument brought by Aquinas is the Ontological Argument, which argues over the ontology, or the existence of the God. The prerequisite are two arguments 1) that if something can be conceived, it exits in mind, and 2) to exist in reality is better than exist only in mind. As we ordinary people consent, God is something for which nothing greater can be imagined. We can understand something for which nothing greater can be imagined. So something for which nothing greater can be imagined exists in the mind, following what given in the prerequisite. It is then also acknowledged that to exist in reality is better than to exist only in the mind. Therefore, something for which nothing greater can be imagined i.e. God, exists in reality. It is plausible starting from the definition of God: the greatest, and along with the prerequisites which makes the argument a seemingly good one. However, what is good about the argument is also what is bad about it. The two prerequisites, in other word give anything we might think good a reason or proof to be existing. Anything good or we want it to be good, should be better if they exist not only in mind when we think of them, but also exist in realty since it is better according to the prerequisites. Examples like gold or cure for cancer, which we both are eager for but could not achieve so far, are given existence according to the base of this argument, which makes it bad.


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