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A New Version and Creation of Afterlife

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A new version and creation of afterlife:

        This has been mainly the topic of religions to talk about afterlife and relating the life in the world with the afterlife. They link the good or bad conditions in afterlife as reflecting the deeds of human beings in the life before death. It is an effective way to direct anyone’s behavior by frightening him that if he would do wrongdoings then he must have to face the aftermath afterlife. Despite of their effectiveness, the description and ideas of afterlife by these religions or popularly held views may have some contradictions and they need to be thought upon from the beginning. In this essay, a new version of afterlife has been created while getting help from the literature on this topic. However, the originality of the version in this essay is that such depiction of afterlife has never been made earlier to the best of knowledge and the aspects of afterlife which are already popular have been kept intact so that it is convenient to understand the points in this essay.

        First, it is useful to reflect on major points of afterlife which make it effective and influential over the lives of common man. One of the main points of afterlife is it guarantees continuity of life because it links itself with the life in this world or life before death. Another aspect of afterlife is its relation with the life before death as rewards and punishments in afterlife are based on deeds in life before death. Another aspect of afterlife is its different phases and the phase immediate after the death is temporary which leads to last destination which is permanent and would never change. Although, these aspects may not be considered in all versions of afterlife but in most of the instances these are present.

        In light of the literature on afterlife and writer’s own creativity has capitalized on the aspects of continuity, connection of rewards and punishments, and different phases of afterlife in this essay. In this way, these aspects make afterlife as the result of life before death which is necessary because the afterlife has direct effect on the actions of human being in life before death. It should remain the case so that the moral values of human beings may be in right direction. So that the feelings of humanity and morality can flourish in the world which can make this work a happy garden.

Afterlife Topography:

        The afterlife topography described in this essay consists of phases which lead to final stage of permanent peace for the soul of human being. First phase of afterlife starts with the moments before the death when a person realizes that it is his final time and he has few breaths before dying. That moment brings that person far from temporary world and he realized the value of the world and its happiness. After this stage, next stage is immediately after the death of the person where he faces new life and its aspects. The ways of living in that part of life are totally different from the life before death and one this is clearly visible that materialism is not there in afterlife. Third stage comes between the second and last stage and is little in duration than all the stages. During this stage, all people gather who entered the first stage together and based on their grades all of them are sent to permanent place where all of them live in peace. No one shows proud over each other because such instincts are nowhere in afterlife.


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