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When the Rain Stops Falling

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When I walked in to watch ‘’When the Rain stops falling’’, I honestly did not expect it to be very entertained or very curious about the climax. Surprisingly enough, I was proved wrong. The complexity of the show separates it from the regular family dramas. In spite of the complexity, my eyes were glued to the stage and I was able to understand every bit of the show.

I feel this was possible due to director, scene designer, costume designers, lighting sound and the others who helped develop the visual and aural concept for this production. The play would not have had such a great effect if it weren't for all these components that worked together to create what they did. Due to the complexity of the show, I would recommend everyone who goes to the show to read up on it before hand. This would give them a much better understanding of the show.

When the Rain stops fallingis a complex family drama which incorporates the stories of the characters from different time periods. Until halfway through the show, I was quite confused about what was going on and how the show would end. During the second half, all the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place and the picture became quite clear and the journey to the end was very entertaining and unexpected. Despite various characters sharing the same names and multiple characters being portrayed by two actors at different ages, things ere still clear due to the fact that the director had the older version of the character and the younger version of the character on stage at the same time in various scenes. This helped make things clearer.

The show in terms of production was fantastic. Wilma theatre is definitely one of the bigger theaters in Philadelphia which seats 296 people and has a Proscenium stage which measures 44' wide by 46' deep. Speaking in terms of production, there were no distractions from the complex story which is supposed to be a good thing.

The play begins with seven people running in every direction on stage with rain pouring down on stage. I thought this was the coolest thing that happened during the play since I had never seen water pouring on stage during a play. This was accompanied with visuals of dark clouds and mysterious images on the screens, which ran through the sides and the back of the stage while the sound systems played pound thunder sounds. This made the situation so realistic and intriguing which it would not have been if these production techniques were not applied.


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