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Let Me in - Personal Response

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Title- Let Me in

Director- Matt Reeves

Text type- Film

Personal Response:

In the movie “Let Me in” directed by Matt Reeves one of the things I found interesting about the film was how the director approaches the theme of friendship in a unique way through the characters Abby and Owen. I liked the way the director showed Abby and Owen’s friendship through purity and innocence. Purity and innocence to me, is a very important part of friendship because it shows their relationship is honest and realistic. One of the scenes in which this idea is clearly shown is when Owen offers to buy Abby a candy but Abby declines the offer (since she is a vampire she can’t eat normal food) but she sees the look on Owen’s face and decides to have the lolly even though she knew it was going to make her sick. Seeing this Owen feels sorry for Abby and feels like it was his mistake so he hugs her to show how sorry he is and that he wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. This made me realize that their feelings of like were mutual towards each other. What makes this scene seem so pure is the fact that Owen and Abby are not quite teenagers so their feelings are honest, since they are young and have the freedom to say what they want as they are both only 12 year olds. It showed me that everyone needs someone to rely on. Abby and Owen can share intimate details with each other, Abby: “My mum is dead.” Owen: “My mom and dad are getting a divorce.” I found the way they can tell each other their life problems sweet. Without someone to rely on your life can become quite lonely and give you feelings of rejection. By seeing that the two are trustful in each other it allows me to see even more so that their relationship is honest and pure because if they weren’t as close they wouldn’t share as much with each other, this shows that their friendship is real.

I like the way the director uses the characters’ differences to connect them both together. Owen is a lonely boy who is bullied by school mates. He wants to fight back and hurt them, but he can’t because he has not got an aggressive bone in his body.


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