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  • Is Fetus a Human Being?

    Is Fetus a Human Being?

    A human being is an individual who is alive. While he/she may not be capable of survival on his/her own, for example being disabled or being too young, it is undoubtly a physically living individual whose body is capable of sustaining life on its own. A human fetus survives only

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    Submitted: February 25, 2014 Autor: moto
  • Is Free Really Free? the Cost of Handouts

    Is Free Really Free? the Cost of Handouts

    Is Free Really Free? The cost of Handouts…. Every day in the United States of America there are products that are just handed out as if the cost absolutely nothing. Do these free products really have a cost? To what extent are they helping or hurting our economy and our

    Essay Length: 627 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: June 28, 2012 Autor: britt626
  • Is History Actually Ending

    Is History Actually Ending

    DiGiacomo Page Harry DiGiacomo Professor Hortal-Sanchez Business Ethics 28 April 2017 “Is History Actually Ending” By the time the Cold War is coming to its end, people around the globe think that it will be the end of major world conflict and the fear of communism was diminished greatly. In

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    Submitted: February 20, 2018 Autor: hdigiaco
  • Is It a Good Argument

    Is It a Good Argument

    The argument that I chose to review is, “Why Cats Make Better Pets than Dogs.” This argument was written by Sean Curtis. Curtis is stating that cats make a better house pets than dogs would. His position is that owning a dog changes one’s life so drastically that it is

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    Submitted: April 27, 2014 Autor: wtstars911
  • Is Mass Marketing Dead?

    Is Mass Marketing Dead?

    In a connected world where consumers have an abundance of options available to them, marketers are being forced to re-evaluate the strategies used to attain and maintain customers and clients. Mass marketing, a strategy in which a marketer ignores market segments and instead attempt to appeal to the entire market

    Essay Length: 1,090 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: October 29, 2013 Autor: jwoodward
  • Is the Era of Central Bank Independence Drawing to a Close?

    Is the Era of Central Bank Independence Drawing to a Close?

    According to the research of Alex Cukierman, the inflation and actual independence are negatively correlated in both developed and developing countries. The central banks have embraced their roles for financial stability and the use of macroprudential policies, where the corporation of other public authorities is needed, which creates pressure on

    Essay Length: 307 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: January 24, 2019 Autor: Shraddha Sharma
  • Is the Majority of Crime in Our Society Violent in Nature

    Is the Majority of Crime in Our Society Violent in Nature

    Is The Majority of Crime in our Society Violent in Nature? This is a question that can have a lot of different viewpoints as everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes a violent crime. In a lot of ways a violent crime would be a crime against another person

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    Submitted: April 19, 2012 Autor: brookew77
  • Is the Us Constitution Past Its Sell by Date

    Is the Us Constitution Past Its Sell by Date

    The general purpose of a constitution is to set out a definitive legal foundation which the political functions of a state are established upon. Therefore, constitutions are invariably recognised and praised for facilitating political stability and ensuring the liberty and rights of individuals. There is no existing unified consensus on

    Essay Length: 435 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: April 26, 2014 Autor: viki
  • Is There Something in the Water

    Is There Something in the Water

    In society, having a high school diploma is an expectation and is also an indicator of success later in life. According to the US Census Bureau, individuals without a high school diploma or a General Education Development certificate have lower incomes and higher rates of employment. It does not matter

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    Submitted: September 14, 2011 Autor: jon
  • Is This Deal "a Merger of Equals"?

    Is This Deal "a Merger of Equals"?

    16 Is this deal “A Merger of Equals”? As per theory Merger of equals combines two firms that have equal power. The board of directors and senior management of the old companies get absorbed and hold positions in thenew company. Also the shareholders of the old companies share the prospective

    Essay Length: 352 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: August 4, 2012 Autor: mardiatna
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