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“cost of Car” Project

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Marta Pawka

Mrs. Visomi


The cars that I selected for the “Cost of Car” Project were the 2016 Toyota Camry XLE, and the 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider (used). My family owns the Toyota Camry and we are very satisfied with it. This is a good quality car when it comes to gas mileage, and it is strong and dependable. The reason why I chose the Ferrari was because the Ferrari is a very powerful car, and to compare the difference in power with the Toyota. Since the Ferrari takes so much power, one needs a lot of gas to run it. I wanted to see what the difference would be in terms of gas and money, compared to the Toyota. The Ferrari is a dangerous car for a teen to drive because of its power, and the safety features between the Ferrari and the Toyota are slightly different.

        In terms of cost, the Toyota Camry is a better buy because it is cheaper. It costs anywhere from $23,070 - $31,370, whereas the Ferrari costs anywhere from $263,553 - $325,000. When it comes to gas and mileage, driving to school in a Ferrari for one year would come out to $827 in gas money. Driving a Toyota Camry to school for one year would only come out to $344 in gas money. In terms of the safety features, people are paying a lot of money for a Ferrari, so the safety features are better. Things like the ABS brakes and stability control are what make the Ferrari so safe. The Toyota Camry also has its unique qualities, one being the electro chromatic rearview mirror.

        I would choose to purchase the Toyota Camry XLE. Many people would choose to purchase the Ferrari because they think the car is impressive and daunting, but you have to look deeper into what the car is really worth. If I were to drive every day to school, the Toyota would come out cheaper in terms of gas. Sure, the safety features are better in a Ferrari, but the safety features in the Toyota will also help ensure that I am safe while driving. In my opinion, the Ferrari is too much of a powerful car for me, and I would rather drive the Toyota.


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