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Tobacco Users: Are They Ethical If They Sue the Tobacco Company?

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Tobacco Users: Are They Ethical if they Sue the Tobacco Company?

For decades the public has known that using tobacco products it harmful to your health. Warning labels are on every product containing tobacco from snuff, dip, chew, cigarettes, and cigars. It is also stated on every pack of cigarettes and any product containing tobacco. Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease; that it can shorten your life by 10 years or more not to mention the habit can cost a smoker thousands of dollars a year. With all the literature and information on the health affects of smoking and using tobacco products in people still light up, dip and chew. Some say using tobacco is addictive because of the drug nicotine. If addiction is the problem people need to do something about breaking the habit of smoking. There are programs available.

The big question is, Are smokers ethical if they sue the tobacco companies for health issues developed from using tobacco products? In my opinion I believe people who use tobacco products should have the right to sue the tobacco companies when the health hazards on using tobacco products have been published for decades. To sue the tobacco company is not ethical according to Kant because it violates Categorical imperative (moral philosophy). Those who have smoked for years and want to now blame the tobacco industry for their deteriorated health reset their moral compass, take the high road and accept the responsibility of the decision they made to use tobacco years ago and not blame the industry.


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