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Tesla Motor’s Game Changing Innovations in Electric Cars

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Paper Title – Tesla Motor’s game changing innovations in electric cars

Written by - Rasika Wanganekar

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1 Abstract 3

2 Introduction of company 3

3 Tesla’s innovation vision 4

4 Tesla’s growth strategy 6

5 Creating supporting environment for technology development 9

6 Future Prospects 10

7 Bibliography 11

Tesla Motor’s game changing innovations in electric cars

Rasika Wanganekar



Changing times are pushing entire population towards being more environmentally sensitive in every possible area. Increasing transportation efficiencies is best solution to reduce carbon emissions which happens due to increasing use of automobiles across the globe. Electric cars promise to bring about a transportation transformation whose time has come. After early initiations of William Morrison in 1890 many big industries has failed to create an impact in evolution of electric cars. Tesla Motors is an American based company which is doing pioneering and revolutionary work in electric car segment. This paper explores how innovations and radical visions of Tesla Motor’s changing entire scenario for global automobile industry.

Key Words :( Electric Car, Innovation, transport efficiency)



In 2003, a group of Silicon Valley engineers who wanted to develop electric vehicles came together and established an automotive company named Tesla Motors Inc. More specifically, Tesla Motors was founded by Elon Musk, Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. Other remarkable persons like Sergey Brin and Larry Page are among its investors. It is headquartered


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