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Tesla Motors Electric Vehicle.

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Tesla Motors has evolution opportunities to evolve its position in the electric vehicle market. More

expressing, its growth depends on opportunities of raising predilections for renewable energy and revival

popularity of low-carbon life style besides upgrading wealth distribution in growing markets. This wealth

distribution trend increases the population of potential buyers of the company’s relatively expensive cars.

On other hand, Tesla relays on sociocultural opportunities in its macro-environment to grow its business

internationally. Important to realize, the company’s Managers should ensure that strategies are applied to

maximize the business benefit. For sustainable of high performance, Tesla benefits from lower costs of

battery and decreasing renewable energy costs in which gives affordability of electronic automobile

products. expressively, the renewable energy market’s growth rate determines the growth opportunities of

the electric vehicle business and make Tesla’s products more effective.

In fact, Tesla is not only selling cars but also, it’s transforming the way of drive. Particularly, this company

is delivering new technologies and innovative to do so. Tesla finds itself in a unique position in the

automotive market. it’s a great manufacturer that offers electric automobiles besides it has predominant

wide range electric automobiles and luxury market. Equally important, the technological high rate is

considered an opportunity by enhancing its products’ technologies. To clarify, Tesla has growth

opportunities through further automation of its business processes. In like manner, Tesla should work on

increasing popularity of online mobile systems which should prompt the company to increase integrate

these systems in its automobiles. In other words, this technological factor emphasizes opportunities for

growth based on technological enhancement.

To point out, Tesla achieves extraordinary growth has been driven by strong global demand for the Model

S. As a matter of fact, the public’s excitement for its automobiles increases the sales over the last view

years. To put it differently, the automotive market is highly competitive, although this company has


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