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Spartan Industries, Inc Case Study

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2200 Spring Arbor Road

Jackson, Michigan 48138 USA

DATE:                February 5th, 2016

TO:                 William A. Bissell,

General Manager, Jackson plant

FROM:        Ashish Gurung

Assistant manager

SUBJECT:        Employee promotion Announcements

Promotion has been tradition on the Spartan industries. The best employee is promoted annually. This time for promotion there are member from my division, and I am pleased to hear that. Promotion are one means of rewarding employees who have performed especially well. Promotion announcement are generally carefully guarded secret within a business until the movement they are made public. This is usually the case because a promotion for one employee often means that the other were considered but not selected.


Spartan industries is a manufacture of metal products which are used in the automotive industry and is known as a non-union firm. It promote employee who are really hardworking as well as who shows the dedication towards their work. Promotion is one of the rewards for worker so that they can work efficiently and effectively.


I am delighted to inform you that the selection of candidate for the position punch-press foreman the SPARTAN INDUSTIRES, INC has been completed. Robert S. Johnson who has been working as a leader operator at the punching section at the plant has been selected for post. For this time, Johnson has been promoted and I would like to congratulate him on the behalf of stamping division. His work is highly inspiring and one of the hardworking employee of the organization. His presence in the company is reflected by his performance. Not only him but there are other employees as well who are hard working and set a goal in achieving company objectives. Once again I would like to congratulate Johnson for being promoted in the job of foreman. I would like to suggest him to keep up the same spirit and work on days to come.


For those employee who are not promoted this time, there is always and another chance to show the effective and efficient performance as shown like by the Johnson.  His promotion can be the lesson for other employee to work hard in achieving the success. The competition for this job was fierce, and there were several well-qualified candidates that applied; however, I felt that his past achievements set him apart from his competition.


Finally, I think we should call Johnson as soon as possible and let him know about his promotion so that he can be prepared for his new position. After giving him news, we let other employee who are not promoted and ask them to improve their performance.  I think the best time to circulate the promotion news to the entire plant will be in end of the February so that all the employee can know about their designation and can prepare to do their job from the month of March.


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