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Pierre Frankel Management Style

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1. Pierre Frankel has not been able to establish himself as a COO or a change agent. It took him two and half months to convince one person to work with him to hire a Russian native. While I think progress has been slow, he is working against some very difficult challenges and that it will take him some time to adjust to the “Russian-way” and for the employees to get used to his management style and learn to trust him.

2. Frankel faces many obstacles, including dealing with Lebedev, understanding the Russian culture and employees, and Russian political/governmental influences, which have impacted the standards and practices at the subsidiary. To improve the business results, Frankel identified three priority areas – increasing business predictability, improving the sales efficiency and focusing on internal strategic processes. To overcome his obstacles and improve the business results, Frankel needs to deal with Lebedev, which should be the priority, to either get him on board or get him out. And then he can deal with the other challenges.

3. Frankel should continue to work with Nadia Abramova, head of human resources, as she has an important influencer role in the organization and was rumored to have a close relationship with Lebedev. If Frankel cannot get Lebedev on board with the change, possibly by making him the champion of change, he needs to be neutralized or ignored. As long as he still working at the company and not on Frankel’s side, he is going to do everything in his power to shut down any of the changes implemented.

4. Frankel should tell the bosses above him who are demanding faster action of the resistance he is facing. Frankel needs support from upper management to make some of the changes that Lebedev is challenging him on, like hiring a new employee. Additionally, upper management needs to be made aware of some of the challenges that make the Russian subsidiary unique, including the political climate, culture


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