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How to Launch the Company’s Line of Perfume to Canada Effectively

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Decision Sheet for Case 2: Parfum Nineveh

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Soumi Basu (PGP09050)[pic 1]

Problem Statement:

  • How to launch the company’s line of perfume to Canada effectively.

Research Objectives:

  • To determine, study and analyze the seven steps of decision making process using perfume as a model product.
  • To detect the specific factors those influence the decision process when purchasing perfume.
  • To identify to which stages of the consumer decision process the given influential factors apply.
  • To examine the similarities and/or differences in the decision process when purchasing for oneself in comparison to purchasing for others.

Research Questions:

  • What are the steps of the decision making process?
  • What factors have the greatest influence in the process?
  • At what stage of decision making process is the consumer most likely to be influenced by these factors?
  • Does the decision making process differ when buying for oneself in comparison to buying for others?


  • The decision process of perfume purchasing follows the general consumer model stated by Engel, Blackwell, and Miniard in their book, Consumer Behavior, 8th edition, a well-known book about North American consumer behavior.
  • The most influential factors consumers take into account  when purchasing perfume is the existence of some kind of personal identification with the product (feeling).
  • The pre-purchase stage is the one in which the consumer is most susceptible to many surrounding influential factors.
  • The steps of the decision making process and key influential factors do differ when buying for someone else compared with buying for oneself.

Inputs for analysis:

FGD including five women with focus concerning their attitudes, involvement and behaviors in regards to perfume and cologne.


  • The appearance of the people who act in the ads influence the perception of a consumer towards the perfume to a great extent. (sometimes subconsciously as in case of Naomi)
  • Exclusivity plays an important role in selection of a perfume (something which not many have heard of or used).
  • Price plays a moderate role.
  • Candidates were open to exploring new choices, not loyal to brand.
  • Choice of perfume may vary with seasons/time of the day.
  • Most people don’t use perfume regularly.
  • Scent plays a very important role and candidates associate it with their own personality.
  • Price doesn’t play an important factor when buying for someone else, rather their choice of perfume (no exploration)
  • Packing makes the product more attractive for trial and buying for someone else even if customers have to pay some extra money.
  • Salespersons are often unwelcomed.
  • Store offers like discounts or gift sets often tempt customers to buy at particular outlets.
  • Print and media advertising are important for customer awareness of new products.
  • Some try out new products while others use all that they paid for.
  • Switching cost is low. People are willing to buy other products if their product isn’t available.
  • Good advertisements don’t make much buying preferences among customers as decision of what to purchase is made more instantly.
  • People consider others opinions while buying perfumes.
  • Majority candidates don’t test the product for much time before deciding to buy it or not.


  • The company should focus on promotional offers via the retail outlets that the customers visit.
  • Parfum Nineveh must use the advantage of exclusivity and focus on launching effective scent which customers can see complimenting their personality.
  • Advertisements should be positive and use decent and good appearing actors, low advertising budget as low influence, main intent to create awareness.
  • Launch gift set and relevant schemes for gifts.
  •  Launch the products in a low cost range as well to cater to market focused on price.


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