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Hcs 320 - Health Care Communication Method

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Health Care Communication Methods

Gwendolyn Barnes

HCS/320: Health Care Communication Strategies

Sept 2, 2016

Marina Vorinia

Health Care Communication Methods

A new circumstance regarding this establishment is the reason for this center to find a secure elegant living quarters for several of our people, which are being dislodgement because of the current purchase of the establishment by a government organization. As the executive, I must follow the state and federal rules, but must search for standard accommodations for these few people. The buyer will execute a new system that will replace some of the tenants. Some tenants do not have family in near vicinity and do not hold the potential to talk in regards to disclose health documentations; as executive one must find arrangement for the tenants and develop a strategy that upheld the
Health Information Patient Privacy Act (HIPPA) rules, while protecting their right to privacy.

Working progressive, I will attempt to start contacting with their family and inform them of the circumstances. I would use all methods of communication to locate their family. I will transmit electronic mails and postal address to notify their family and establish a strategy that help the tenants and their relatives. My second action will be containing the acquiring understanding to determine if their family have full authority, if so I see fit to facsimile health record documents for their John Hancock. If they do not have full authority, one of the tenant’s family member must validate, complete a health record release, and find a public official to emboss for the records to be valid. On top of finalization the records, I will request that the records be forward back to the center by means of overnight carrier like FEDEX. My third action will be to utilize the Social Media because finding a new center with respectable living quarters for tenants that may take weeks or months (Du Pre, 2005). Nowadays, living expectation surpass that of two eras and this cause countless centers to remain at capacity; you can discover these statistics through social media. Public media gives access to a society of data that anyone can utilize to find and have conversation with people all over the planet. An instrument such as social media yield the skills to form a path of conveyance, find a center that’s more than acceptable for the tenants and for the relatives, who stay significant length away. As a result of the World Wide Web, I be able to fulfill federal and state rules regarding HIPPA laws in finding a center that satisfy tenants necessity, identify a transport service and arrange the move, as well as inform the tenant’s relative.

The good and bad of using standard, electronic devices, and public media for wellness protection conveyance. Usual conversation like oral or correspond conversation has its own pros as well as cons. Oral conversation incorporate all reaction communicate news with vocabulary. This is a format of internal communication, which is any dissemination that goes on within the institution. A benefit to oral conversation is the guarantee of comprehension and speed of criticism. The lecturer is able to promptly answer concern from the crowd as well as reply promptly. The tenant needs to be able to remember the data and move on it (Du Pre, 2005). The agency also requires a solid formation of communication that display as evidence that both the transmitter and recipient having or had a conversation. The senior citizen’s population are staying there because they cannot help themselves. Nevertheless, oral or correspond disclosure will serve for primary communication. Electronic components like a telephone or online correspondence to friends, relatives, and/or wellness protection contributor to notify them of these adjustment would be other proper format of connection (Westrick, 2016).


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