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Gen Y in the Workforce

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Facts from the case

23 –year-old Josh Lewis, a marketing associate at Rising Entertainment, is frustrated because his boss, marketing Chief Sarah Bennett, won't listen to his ideas about using new media to promote films. She's trapped in the 1990s, he thinks, when people actually watched network TV!

Supported by his friends Ashok and Jessica belonging to his generation (GEN Y), he decides to voice his ideas someway. Ashok Devi worked in Rising Entertainment's TV division as a promotional associate. Jessica Sadler had started out in the Film division but, but now was working as an assistant in the company's legal group.

Rushing through his assignment for a team presentation, Josh works up a plan and pitches it to the CEO in the hallway. The CEO- Sam Smithstone loves it and praises Sarah for nurturing such young talent. Sarah already tensed for the final presentation , uninformed of Josh's meeting with CEO is upset with Josh for going over her head - and submitting subpar work on the presentation.

Analysis/Identification of the issues

The following are the major issues present in the case:

1. Clashes between impatient Generation Y and pay-your-dues Generation X.

As we see there is clash of thoughts between Josh(Gen Y) and Sarah(Gen X). Sarah being senior ignores ideas given by Josh in the meeting. Such clashes are inevitable, but not well managed here as Josh goes to CEO,sarah being completely unaware of the meeting.

2. Sarah not welcoming newer ideas from Gen Y

Josh came up with some innovative marketing ideas in a group meet but Sarah was reluctant in accepting it. Instead, she found loophole in his plan and didn't go for further discussions.

3. Bypassing Senior

Josh, desperate to execute his online marketing strategy, which was overlooked by Sarah, bypasses her and directly talks to CEO. Thos act of his can be considered as disregard for your seniors.

4. Disregard for team work.

In order to tell CEO of his online Marketing strategy, Josh ignores the work originally allocated to him by Sarah and sends her some rough draft which could have affected their team's final presentation to the CEO.

5. Faulty praise by Sarah

Even when Josh sent her sketchy case studies, on which she would have to work herself, she praised him to please him. This ,she thought would encourage him. She misinterpreted "invest time" as "sugarcoat"!!

6. Communication gap

Sarah and Josh both displayed poor communication toward each other - Sarah for not listening well and not being


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