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Evolution of Private Security

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Evolution Of Private Security

In this paper I will discuss the evolution of private security and its function and purpose.

The first thing I will discuss is the foundation of private security and the purpose for it before

World War 2. The second item I will be discussing is the effects that private security now has on

The world and where it possibly could be leading too. I hope that you can enjoy the information

Provided and be able to better understand the importance of private security.

The first thing as stated above that I will be discussing is the foundation of private security

Pre World War 2 and what the intent of it was at that time to be. During the 19th century

Public and private security was separated and in doing so spawned the need for additional

Protection for individuals and their property. One great example of private security measure

Is looking into the history of China and noticing that the people there at one time built what is

Now called the Great Wall Of China which was a huge first step in private security however it

Was not recognized as such a movement at that time. Some other forms of private security was

lakes, cliffs, walls and gates that surrounded the life of an individual that wanted to keep it

separate from the rest of the world. In doing so this act forced many rules to appoint people

to help administer these changes. Thus began the career of


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