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Juice Guys - Quality Juice Evolution Solution

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Juice Guys

Mission: To find a "Quality Juice Evolution Solution" for Juice Guys' retail concept tailored for residential neighborhood in Boston's charming Beacon Hill area.

1. Critical Success Factors:

a. Create a theme and concept that allows (the store) to sell a variety of products, including staple items that never will go out of style

b. Create a strong brand image

c. Create a catchy store design

d. Create a concept that can travel by constantly challenging its fit

e. Perform proper area market research

f. Create a "sense of connectedness to others"

2. The Interview Guide (Strengths & Weaknesses):

a. Strengths:

i. Questions allow the respondent to imagine themselves in the store

ii. Questions ask respondent to use all of their senses

iii. Questions allow for interpretation of the respondents usual usage patterns and purpose for visiting store

iv. Questions allow for interpretation of the respondents values

b. Weaknesses:

i. Format asks respondent to envision a store that already exists thus drawing from their previous experiences in a similar type of store

ii. The respondent is answering the questions based on their idea of what a store titled "juice guys" is

iii. The structured design of the questions allows for little creativity outside of the questions

iv. Interview


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