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Different Bbq's Acrossed America

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Different BBQ’s across the country

The other day I was watching a TV show about all the different kinds of BBQ’s that our country has to offer. It was fascinating to learn that there are different kinds of BBQ style’s, seasonings, sauces, and the wood that is used during the cooking process. It also briefly went through the history of BBQ and where it came from. So, I thought that I would go through all the BBQ’s and the regions with in they came from. Most people think of a BBQ is a little more than throwing a few chicken breasts, hot dogs, hamburgers, and or the occasional rack of ribs on a grill and flipping them every so often. For the backyard pool-party that may pass for some people, but a real BBQ fanatic knows how complicated and varied the process really is. There are several ways to BBQ and several styles to choose from.

Barbecue was introduced by the Native Americans and Africans around the 17th century. There are pictures showing the Native Americans slow cooking meats which is traditionally what barbecue is, which as grilling is cooking at much higher temperatures and very quickly. The word Barbecue itself was thought to have come from the word "barbacoa" which is Spanish for a Taino a word which means “a rack made of wood on which meat is roasted over flames.” It has been stated by some reliable references that the Taino, indigenous people of the Caribbean and Florida, were extinct by about 1610. There have been some recent claims that they still exist to this day.

History of Barbecue is clearer than where the word itself had come from. Pigs had become the infinite food stable of the south, during those times pigs were everywhere. Pigs are and where a low-maintenance and convenient food source for Southerners, then eventually across the country. Prior to the Civil War southerners’ ate close to five pounds of pork as compared to the one pound of beef they would consume. The low-maintenance aspect is due to the fact that they were able to let the pigs into the woods, only later on to hunt when the food supply started to run low. This kind of pigs was a lot tougher and stringier than pigs today, but was a convenient, popular food source. When it came time to slaughter the pig, it was a celebration and everything was used right from the snout all the way to the tail. The neighborhood would be invited to part take in the slaughtering;


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