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Breeder's Own Case Analysis

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Breeder's Own Case Analysis

Case Recap

There are three major categories of dog food in supermarkets today; dry, canned, and treats. Dry accounts for roughly 60% of total dollar share, while canned and treats account for 20%, respectively. With total sales of dog food estimated to hit somewhere in the neighborhood of $14 billion nationally, Breeder’s Own Pet Foods (BOPF) is looking to introduce a brand new product, and claim their share of the Boston market. Not only does BOPF intend to enter an already established market with hundreds of brands, they intend to introduce and dominate a 4th category; frozen dog food. Brokers within the targeted launch area, believe not only is this an untapped category, the fact that Breeder’s Mix (BM) is made with only high quality, all natural ingredients, makes BM very appealing and marketable. With consumers more health conscious and educated about the types of food they eat more than any time in our past, this education coupled with conscious buying habits, can easily transfer into massive buying power from consumers who want the best for their dogs.

Problem Identification

The first major hurdle is getting dog owners to think frozen, when it comes to making their purchases. Breeder’s Own Pet Foods isn’t just planning on adding yet another brand to a very competitive market place, they are essentially rewriting the book if you will. Erasing what consumers currently know and expect from the brands they trust. To this point, owners have been buying from the three major categories from a nice, dry, warm shelf, or from pallets at room temperature if buying in bulk. The majority of “pet sections” within the supermarket industry, are located on the opposite side of the store to its frozen food counterparts. Breaking a multitude of consumer habits will be a daunting task.

Another hurdle coming in second place, is the fact that Breeder’s Mix is a raw product. Dog owners realize and understand that most dog food, especially coming from a can, smells and looks horrible. Although not appealing to humans, the perception is that it has been processed and completely safe for dogs to eat. Most adults cook their beef, chicken, and liver in varying different ways, understanding we are killing bacteria in the process, eliminating the possibility of e-coli for example. With 75% of owners considering themselves parents and their dogs’ kids, will owners be open to the idea of serving their “kids” raw meat?

Root Problem Components

Thinking Frozen / Raw Product

In order for BM to be successful as a standalone product and brand, they will have to change the mindsets and buying habits of 90% of the buying population, that number represents owners not currently buying refrigerated


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