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Analyzing Relationships in Alice Walker's "the Color Purple"

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Analyzing relationships in Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”

Analyzing relationships in Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”

A relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. Abuse is the force to gain power over another person. Domestic violence is abuse of any kind that happens in the family or home. Physically and emotionally exploited women who lead narrow and confining lives and are often driven to insanity, Celie a young black woman has survived many different types of abusive relationships in her life, some sexual, emotional, and physical.

Celie had a younger sister Nettie; there is a strong relationship between them not just because they are siblings but because Nettie is one of the few people Celie really loves. In Celie’s mind, Nettie comes first; she would do anything for her sister even if it meant that she would have to sacrifice herself. Celie’s relationship with Nettie is the force that drives her to become a more independent free thinking and smarter person. When they were separated Celie was devastated. The main bond between Nettie and Celie is love, and they demonstrate this by constantly trying to stay in touch even though they don't know if the other is receiving the letters.

Celie’s step father, Alphonso, beats and rapes her. Alphonso has already impregnated Celie twice. Every person should have control over his or her own body. When a girl feels fear or shame because of what someone is trying to make her do with her body, she is being sexually abused. Celie gave birth to a girl named Olivia, whom her father stole and presumably killed in the woods. Celie has a second child, a boy named Adam, whom her father also steals. She had an emotional attachment to her children and this became more evident when that void in her heart made by her children was filled by Nettie. Alphonso offers Celie up for marriage and describes her as ugly, a liar, and spoiled twice, referring to her having given birth to two children. This emotional abuse destroys something very valuable, her self-esteem, criticizing her in front of other people, destroying, and taking things that are important to her. The only way Celie escapes his abuse is by marring Mister.

The relationship between Celie and Mister is forced. Celie is submissive to Albert’s dominance, internalizing the values imposed on her. She becomes a defeated soul, believing that the beatings are the norm and the power men exercise over women. It is obvious that there are really no feelings behind this relationship whatsoever. The relationship was only necessary for Mister to have a wife that would take care of the children and fill in the domestic role that was expected of women. A battered woman is one whose husband abuses her over and over again. She was a battered woman, a



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