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Why Xenophobia Towards Immigrants Rose in France?

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Why Xenophobia towards Immigrants rose in France ?

Viktoria Holinier

ADA University


Xenophobia is a situation where people in a country have hatred or dislike for people coming from different countries. The citizens of a country develop distrust to foreigners. Xenophobia arises due to many factors. The rise in the number of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers may result in original inhabitants disliking them. The reasons behind it could be the rise of extremist groups, pressure on resources and opportunities and the identity of the inhabitants may also be threatened. The natives of a country will there develop distrust towards foreigners and view them as a threat to their security and way of life. The problem with xenophobia is that people will not be able to live together in peace. Hatred will exist, and this may lead to racial discrimination. Racism does not allow people to live in tranquility. Some groups will be underprivileged, chaos and violence may arise resulting in unrest. If necessary measures are not put in place to curb the effects of xenophobia, there could be unrest and lack of peace in the society.

There has been an increase in dislike for foreigners among the French society, according to a report by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) (Crumley 2011). The French have developed a negative attitude towards foreigners, and this is evident from the report. A survey that was carried out by CNCDH indicates that 48% of the people involved in the survey considered Muslims to be a separate group from French society. The 2010 survey showed an increase of 4% from the survey conducted in 2009. Another 68% of the population surveyed believed that the Muslim attire worn by women contributed to challenges to social harmony. They believed that it disrupts the tranquility in the society. The survey also shows that 56% of the participants believed that there has been a general rise in the number of immigrants in France. According to the survey, the rise in the number of immigrants is believed to have led to the difficulty of living, as indicated by 61% of respondents who believed that the living conditions worsened. The outcome of the survey also indicates that immigrants come to France so that they can attain welfare state privileges as 67% of the respondents believed so. The CNCDH report also indicates that 34% of the respondents believe that the Islam religion is a problem in France, while 50% think that this religion is a threat to national security. It was also evident that 57% of French were not prepared to assimilate. 59% of respondents believed that there were too many immigrants in France. 88% of the people surveyed were of the belief that those suspected to


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