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The Civil War

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There were many issues between the North and South such as trade, tariffs, slavery and the south attempting to succeed, which caused the Civil War. The Civil war was fought between 1861, lasting five years, ending in 1865. The North had won but the South was completely destroyed during the war. The South had to face the frightening task of rebuilding. This task was also known as Reconstruction. The Reconstruction lasted from 1865 till 1877. The major problems facing the South and the nation after the Civil War that they were financially ruined, there was still a lot of tension between the North and South and slavery was illegal.

The South was financially devastated. The states had bankrupted themselves to help support the war. The South lost its banking system, the only thing the Confederates could do was so print money. The southerners bought confederate bonds to support the rebellion, which was worthless. Unlike the North, the South had no factories to produce funs or ammunition. It was hard for the South to move food, weapons and men quickly and over long distances. The economy was based on agriculture, were cash crops were introduced like tobacco and cotton but couldn't produce enough food to supply the southern population. Food was scarce because people could not manage to feed both the civilian and military populations. Therefore, parts of the South suffered from starvation. Reconstruction failed to address the South's economy, since the Northern economy was booming because of the factories and farms. The government did very little to help the Southern states; which was very understandable. The south wanted to succeed but were defeated and were forced to stay in the Union.

After the war was over the Government did very little to help the South regain strength during the reconstruction because of all the tension between the North and South. The North looked down upon the South as traitors for trying to succeed and evil for enslaving so many people. Most northerners wanted economic revenge on the south. Most blamed the South for the human and financial costs of war. Northerners would refuse to help the South for many reasons. Such as all the North soldiers that were killed by their own fellow Americans that lived in


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