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Social Responsibilty of Small Business in Bulacan.

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Antonio, Rhenniel

                Flores, Donna Pamela O.

                Masa, Lhaiza Mae C.

Objective of the Activity:

  • To determine if they have social responsibility in their business
  • To determine the issues that they are encountered


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Name of Business:  

Vanguardia Boarding House

Description of Nature of Business:

In 1989, the Vanguardia Boarding were established owned by Mrs. Laurella Vanguardia Valdesancho. Located near at Bulacan Agricultural State College Pinaod San Ildefonso. Bulacan. This establishment was built because many student resides far from the school and they need a place to stay. The rooms for female boarders are separated to male boarders. Each room can be occupied by four boarders and they have one comfort room each. It also have an internet café inside and that helps student with their study.

Interview Guide Question:

  1. When did you start your business?
  2. Why do you choose this business?
  3. Do you have business permit?
  4. Mostly who are your boarders?
  5. Does your given price were payable by your boarders?
  6. Do your boarders feel safe when they stay at your boarding house?
  7. What rules did you implemented to protect your boarders?
  8. How many time you visit your boarders in a week?
  9. How do you practice the sanitation inside/outside the boarding house?

Result and Discussion:

  1. When did you start your business?

Answer: 1989

  1. Why did you choose this business?

Answer: “Dahil malapit ito sa school, saka para sa mga estudyante na nag hahanap ng matutuluyan lalo na yung mga malalayo ang mga bahay”

  1. Do you have business permit?

Answer: yes

  1. Mostly, who are your boarders?

Answer: “mga estudyante ang karamihan pero tumatanggap din kami ng mga workers”

  1. Does the price given was affordable to the student?

Answer: “every month nag babayad sila ng 500 nakahiwalay yung bills ng kuryente at tubig”

  1. Do your boarders feel safe when they stay at your boarding house?

Answer: “oo naman kasi sa tinagal tagal ng business naming na ito wala pa naming napapahamak”

  1. What Rules did you implemented to protect your boarders?

Answer: “may curfew akong pinapatupad hanggang 10pm lang tapos isasara ko na yung gate, visitor is not allowed to the room meron naman kaming accommodation sa may labas, bawal uminom dito.”


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