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Sexuality at Different Life Stages

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Sexuality at Different Life Stages

Judith Garcia



      In a counseling sessions there are different types of scenarios of different types of topics. Especially from different age groups and sexuality from adolescent, elderly, and disabilities. I will be writing about what a therapist might cover in a counseling sessions to be able to help in following three scenarios. People from different age groups will face peer pressure, self-esteem, and changes of our body; some of them can cope with their feelings, while others cannot deal with it on their own. Here are three different scenarios in the following passages.

        First in Anna’s scenario she is an adolescent girl, who has a boyfriend she loves very much. Recently her boyfriend has being pushing sex on her but she is worried about what her mother is going think or would she view her different. I believe the therapist would address Anne’s feelings first, about the way she feels for her boyfriend, her mom’s feelings and her own feelings. Anne should put her feelings first about feeling pressured, which she shouldn’t have sex with her boyfriend if she is not sure. If she would to have sex to make him happy, she will end up regarding it and end up with unwanted pregnancy. Anna needs to think about what if she does have sex with her boyfriend, well he stay with her or break up with her. As for her mom anxiety her mother will need to deal with it because Anna needs to deal with her feelings.

        Second scenario is Tom and Susan the elderly couple that the wife has found new hungry for sex but he husband to worry about not being able to function correctly. The Therapist will need to talk to both of them to see the thoughts about the relationship

where both stand. Also she should talk to each one alone to regarding about their own feelings about themselves and about other partner. First talking to the husband to see why he feels like he will not be able to reciprocated Susan’s interest or be able to perform sexual due to his age. The therapist will need to teach Tom how to build up his self-esteem about himself and man hood. When Tom understands how the mind controls the ability to functionally correctly for himself and wife. Every man wants to provided pleasure to their wives, but feel like they cannot achieve erection can affect evermore problems in be able to perform at all.


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