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Cultural Anthropology

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In the movie a birth of civilization we are able to view to different types of hunters and gatherers. They are the Nomads where Aar is the Leader and then the people from the sedentary village. The nomads move from place to place and use the food and materials they find. The Nomads do not settle in any particular place and roam from place to place with their groups. They hunt and eat whatever they find, regardless to whom it may belong to.

The people of the sedentary village hunt and gather every day and store the food for almost a year. They claim ownership for whatever belong to them, including the land. When the Nomads enter the village and use their grains and meat, the villagers are frustrated. The villagers do not roam from place to place nor use other properties. We are able to see a clash of culture here. These were new to the Nomads. The villagers are social but with their family members, but not in groups like the Nomads.

The villagers are able to feed their children and they do not starve in hunger but, if the nature has a few resources the Nomads have nothing to eat, as they gather whatever they find. They do not cultivate or store any food.

The villagers gather berries and fruits form the trees to, but the preserve the food for a long time. Finally the nomads leave the baby with the villagers so that, it would be well looked after, as they would be able to feed the baby.


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