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Co-Operating with World Society

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Co-operating with world society

There were made huge amount of works in order to reach the independence of Uzbekistan during the certain period of time. After the Independence our country tried to became an absolute member of all world class and international organizations. In my point of view, one of the most important and historical decision was made on March 2, 1997, our country became a member of UN. Becoming a member of such prestigious international organization gave an opportunity to attract world society to focus on providing security and peace in Central Asia.

Now, Uzbekistan is the member almost of all existing international organizations including UN, UNISEF, UNESCO and others.  The Independence of Uzbekistan is recognized by 165 countries, and our country has diplomacy cooperation with 120 countries. Also, 35 countries have their embassy in Uzbekistan.

Nowadays, Uzbekistan is the member of all prestigious and authoritative organizations of the world including the most famous and big ones; banks, financial institutions and other public and private organizations, and has friendly relationship with many countries from all over the world. 88 consulates of foreign countries, 23 governmental and 13 nonpublic organizations works in Republic. Our country became a member of many important international conventions over the past years.

In the beginning of independence years, Uzbekistan acted 5 important stages in order to develop external politic and economic relations.

Firstly, national state interests are important from other ones including all mutual interests.

Secondly, having equal rights and mutual interest between other countries and do not take a part in internal problems of other countries.

Thirdly, to keep security and peace of country, humanity and to open all existing spheres for cooperation in spite of ideological views.


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