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Bsa 1a - Federalism

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Alvarez, Patricia Loraine S.                                                        Mr. Aldrin Cabato


Reaction Paper


        Federalism is a form of government wherein the authority is constitutionally shared the central government or the federal government and its political constituents can be referred as region, provinces or states.

        For a person who has a political position in our state, I can say that Federalism must be implemented. I believed that the more people who can govern one’s state the more tendency that the taxes or income will be put in their own pocket. More processes to make just to approve one’s project or request of help. It will help the residents too easily to grant their acceptable request and suggestions. Federalism may help to unite those people in one state. They will cooperate on how they will grow the economy and lifestyle of others.

        I know some people will say it was too hard to apply because of financial needs. But how sure are they? We will never know the outcome if we will never experience it. There are so many what if’s if it’s happen. But look on the brighter side, what if it will lift up our poor country? What if it helps to support everyone’s need, from bottom to top level of states of lifestyle? See? We will never know the answer if we didn’t try. Then if it fails, those who are in the higher position will push to come up with a better idea. We will see how good they are in making solutions, but of course with our help by simply following rules and laws.

        Let’s grab the opportunity, let’s support those person who want to change this kind of govern. Our economy is failing. We need someone who can stand for our good.


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