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“weight Loss or Not, Exercise Yields Benefits”

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In the article, “Weight Loss or Not, Exercise Yields Benefits” , the author, Rachel Bachman deals with the issue on whether weight loss or not, exercise give a lot of benefits. He argues that exercises were more important for build healthy body rather than being fit or lose weight. The author’s purpose in this article was more to inform about the benefit of exercise rather than too focus in weight loss. Rachel Bachman states that people have to practice an exercise in their daily life. This is because exercise not only for lose weight but it is also good to maintain a healthy life and prevent from others inherit diseases especially among obesity people. Normally, people prefer to diet rather than taking a regular exercise. The main idea highlighted by the author was support by a few of arguments and supporting details.

There are various arguments from legal authority including from the doctors who experts in health and a recommendation from a health club. There are some of doctors said that diet industry and famous trend more focus on the weight loss rather than benefits of exercise for all type of people. This statement found to be the treat to those who wants to loss their weight. It should be formulated and applied in a manner that respects others opinions and human dignity and rights. Other than that health clubs and fitness centre tend to promote with images of fit bodies. This advertisement has found to be bias to the plus-size people. They will feel less confidence and embarrassed as they will have low self esteem.

There are various of supporting details include examples, illustrations, definitions, facts, opinion, statistics, research findings and many more in this texts. First “As I started exercising, I just got this adrenaline rush,” says Ms. Trieu, an admission officer at Columbia Business School. “It feels good to sweat. And it’s hard. Part of it is my ego : ‘Yes! I’m a bigger person, but I can still do the exercise you’re doing. It has been found as an opinion from Ms. Trieu.“A recent study underscores that there are significant health benefits to overweight and obese people being physically active, even if they don’t lose a pound. The study, off


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