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Why Is Effective Communication Important - Pros and Cons of Effective Communications in Marketing

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Importance of Effective Communication        

Pros and Cons of Effective Communications in Marketing        



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Importance of Effective Communication

Communication is transferring information from one source to another. This is the basic information, which is further divided into numerous ways of transfers of information.

Some are spoken or verbal communication, which includes face-to-face talks, telephonic communication, radio or television communication, and various sources of media.

Then there are non-verbal communications, which adds up like body gestures that means how we stand and how we deliver our piece of information. Dressing is the other non-verbal communication factors, which adds up a lot to the communication skills.

Then there is written communication, which obviously means that how and in what format we write to someone, the method and form we adopt in this communication. It consists of emails, letters, magazines, books, Internet and the other sources.

Effective communication is really important in almost all the organizations and daily dealings. Effective communications actually means the way and the method used to make someone understand what is being presented or delivered in an effective manner. Communications made through an appropriate channel/method and the one in which receiver of the communication is able to pass on any relevant and appropriate feedback (i.e. two-way communication) makes it a effective communication. Without effective communication everything will be so messed up and could lead to really inappropriate results.  

As effective communication is really important in all firms and departments, lets talk about how it plays role in business organizations and its effectiveness in marketing strategies and promotions. There are several reasons why communication is so important in business organizations, which are:

  • Motivates employers and gives them a feel of being a part of business.
  • Successful decision-making can be done and also the decisions are more reliable instead of being made by one or two people.
  • Better communication with customers’ helps in increasing sales and profits as well, and can also improves and ties good term with the suppliers.

Talking about the marketing and effective communication’s role in it, it can be expanded in several steps, which are taken to make it more convenient and understandable to the consumers and general public.


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