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What Society Expects from Women

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In today's society one expects women to look perfect. Yes, it has been proven that beautiful people attract the opposite sex, but why does one have to look like what society deems perfect? Do you have to be skinny to be pretty or wear what is "in and hip"? At times people do not understand that you do not have to be pretty to be happy.

It seems to start when one is younger; teenage years. They are in a stage in their lives where they want to be accepted by their peers, or just simply want to be loved and successful. The media creates the "ideal image" of beautiful women in which a majority of the women try to endure. In today's world many adolescents feel the need to conform to the mold our society presents them. Teen magazines have an extremely high impact on the mindset of the teens. Our youth tend to be fascinated by the information that is provided on the latest pop stars and models. Teen magazines have evolved over time to conform to the growing curiosity of the youth. Originally these magazines discussed the favorite color or the favorite apparel of a celebrity, but now they publish relationship facts, make-up tips and hair tips to tempt teens into trying to be like their favorite idol or celebrity.

Women are now selling everything from food to cars. Popular film and television actresses are becoming younger, taller, and thinner. Some have even been known to faint on the set from lack of food. Women's magazines are full of articles urging that if they can just lose those last twenty pounds, they'll have it all—the perfect marriage, loving children, great sex, and a rewarding career. Why are standards of beauty being imposed on women, the majority of whom are naturally larger and more mature than any of the models? By presenting an ideal difficult to achieve and maintain the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits. And it's no accident that youth is increasingly promoted,


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