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Throughout the 20th Century, Minority Groups Have Struggled to Obtain Civil Right

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Summer 2014 U.S History

Throughout the 20th century, minority groups have struggled to obtain civil right.

NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of colored people. It founded in 1909. A group of influential whites hoping to counter the influence of Booker T. Washington and his supporters. NAACP sought to bring about legal solutions to America’s race problems. Its success had become so widespread that in the mid-1950s, the state of Mississippi banned the organization from operating within its borders. Despite this ban, courageous leaders like Booker T. Washington continued to bring in recruits and to speak out against injustices in the state. Brown v Board of Education Decision is Supreme Court Case related to NAACP.

CORE – Congress of Racial Equality. CORE became a participant in the Freedom Rides, the Black Power Movement. Using its organizing skills to register voters and to gain national attention for civil rights activists, this organization helped to break down a number of legal barriers that for decades had prevented blacks and other minorities from exercising their constitutional rights. Civil rights activist Matt Suarez pointed out that CORE worker "George Raymond is the one that went on the plantation up there, got Fannie Lou Hamer and brought her off." Matt Suarez was born in Louisiana. He joined civil rights movement by working CORE

Those two groups are very important that they fought for their right and end the racial discrimination. They have played a very important part in the civil rights movement. The initials stand for the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People.


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