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The Advent of Plastics

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The advent of plastics has not only brought a lot of convenience to people's life, but also greatly promoted the rapid development of industry. According to the European Union, the average person USES 500 free plastic bags a month. And the 7.057 billion people in the world, that is to say, the number of plastic bags that people around the world use every day is very large, because plastic is a very light substance that can be softened at a very low temperature and can be made into whatever shape they want. Plastic products are bright in color, light in weight, not afraid of falling, economical and durable. Its appearance not only brings a lot of convenience to people's life, but also greatly promotes the rapid development of industry.

Buried in the ground, plastic bags take about 200 years to decompose and seriously pollute the soil. If adopted incineration treatment, it will produce harmful smoke and dust and toxic gas, long-term pollution of the environment.

"White pollution" mainly refers to "visual pollution" and "potential harm" to the environment


"Visual pollution" refers to the scattered in the city, people discarded plastic waste on the cityscape

Watch the destruction. For example, a large number of polystyrene foamed plastic tableware scattered along the railway lines, in rivers and lakes, and ultra-thin plastic bags flying all over the sky or hanging on the branches of trees all bring bad visual stimulation to people, which is strongly reflected by the people.

"Potential crisis" refers to the environmental problems caused by plastic waste entering the natural environment and difficult to be degraded.

Its harm mainly includes the following points:

It is not easy to recycle, because the cost of recycling is high, but the utilization rate is low, businesses can be said to be unprofitable, and because its recycling price is very low, it is difficult to attract the general public to "white recycling" work. As a result, it is not easy to recycle.

Difficult to degrade. The white waste that comes back is not easy to deal with. At this stage, the main processing methods are burning and burying if it burned, will produce large amounts of toxic fumes, atmospheric pollution, and to promote the formation of acid rain, and as for the landfill, it is buried in 100, is still the same, cannot be absorbed by nature and has great harm to the land, change the ph value, affects the crops absorb nutrients and moisture, cause agricultural industry production, as for the abandoned plastic products in the water or on land, not only affect the environment, and if the passive swallowed, leads to death. In this way, the ecological balance is destroyed.


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