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Reducing Juvenile Delinquency

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Reducing Juvenile delinquency

While growing up the kids in my neighborhood that were not involved in some sort of constructive after school activity were in trouble a lot more often than the kids that were involved have something to occupy their time. Sports for instance is a great passtime, such as, skateboarding, rollerblading, soccer, surfing etc.

Children have short interest spans and become bored with things quickly.

this is when children sometime take a wrong turn and choose a path that leads to destruction, drugs, alcohol, and crime.

Some parents are in denial and feel that their kids can do no wrong. The fact is that children are vulnerable to pressure by their peers.

By encouraging your kids to participate in new activities gives them

a chance to be part of a team and have a support system to learn from and experience new things with. Self esteem is another enrichment that comes from being a part of a sports team, it gives the kids a sense of self worth. Not only do they feel better and have a better image about themselves but they are part of a group and fit in. These activities are competitive and promote a positive image and thus attract peers and friends with similar qualities.

In conclusion, Reducing the deliniquency of juveniles is a big issue. the results of guidance, structure, and spending some quality time with your children and taking time to get to know your teens and really listen to their needs. As parents our nature is to want a better life for our children, so they may grow up and become successful as adults. Don't delay enroll your child in a program or activity today.


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