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Juvenile Justice

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Mrs. I,

I understand your concerns about your son but I want to assure you that he will no be mistreated. However, you must understand that the charges are serious against your son. In a lot of minor situations with juveniles, things do not escalate to this level. The juvenile justice system prefers prevention of taking juveniles into custody. Instead juveniles in minor situations are given warnings by police or they are referred to their parents. The process for juveniles can be formal or informal. In this case it is formal, because the police felt that the offense was serious and therefore further action needed to be taken.

The juvenile process is different than the adult criminal justice system in certain ways. I want you to be aware of what could happen in the process. Usually cases involving juveniles are not taken to court by jury, but I want you to know what could be involved in case the process escalates. Since the police caught your son in the act, the first step from here is for a petition to be signed by the district attorney (Juvenile Case Process-Imhoff & Associates, 2006). Since we are dealing with such a serious offense, more than likely your son will be cited and referred to juvenile intake. Once referral to intake has taken place, different things can happen. It can be dealt with judicially and charges can be filed or he can be referred to a diversion program (Bohem & Haley p.464). The police can file a petition which specifies that the charges should be heard at the adjudication or transferred to criminal court (Bohem & Haley p.464). This can be done by transfer, waiver, or certification (Bohem & Haley p.464). These allow a juvenile to be tired as an adult, but it differs from state to state. The prosecutor would have to prove that your son is a threat to society, and that nothing but adult programs would benefit your son. We do not want your son to be portrayed as someone that can't function in society.

Although this is his first offense, again due to the seriousness of the crime, he can be held in the custody until his court date. The judge can decide if he can go home in your custody or stay in detention (Juvenile Case Process-Imhoff & Associates, 2006). Ms. I, if your son is released back into your custody, he has to be on his best behavior. If he is caught doing anything that he shouldn't be doing, the judge's ruling will be harsh. This will show the court that he has not learned and is not remorseful for what he has done. We need all the help we can get.

Don't get discouraged Ms. I, I am going to do all I can to get your son the least amount for the offense. With this being his first offense, gives me something to present to the court. Making them see and understand that this is not his normal behavior and leniency should be commended.

Once that decision is made a fitness hearing is heard


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