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Plagiarism Is the Act of Taking Other People 's Work and Ideas Without Giving Them Credit.

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In the technological world we live in, where we’re only a click away from accessing the web, with billions and billions of searches to our question, plagiarizing has become easier than before. Plagiarism is the act of taking other people 's work and ideas without giving them credit. This can include any form of cheating. Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in the Digital Age, written by Trip Gabriel explores the misunderstanding of plagiarism by students. It also provide anecdotes and reasons given by different people to why students plagiarize without necessarily choosing a stand. Interestingly, it have been found that students still plagiarize knowing that it is wrong, which contradicts the idea that students misunderstand authorship. Authorship is the concept that a piece of writing, song, art, etc. belongs to someone. Teachers do so little to teach students about plagiarism other than telling students to not do it and if they ever decide to take someone 's idea to cite it. However, this does not seem to stop students from plagiarizing. Student still plagiarize knowing that it is wrong.

One reason that Gabriel included in his piece, Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age to why students plagiarize knowing that it is wrong is this idea that Donald J. Dudley offered about students unwilling to engage in the writing process. He states, “... it was students who intentionally copied ― knowing it was wrong ― who were “unwilling to engage the writing process.” I agree with this because more often than not, when students are not excited to write, they would plagiarize to get by. They would aim for the bare minimum to pass and never over because they are not interested in what they are being taught. In addition, they don’t u...


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