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Persuasive Eassy - Boycott Television for a Month's Period

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To whom this may concern,

This letter is in regards the recent proposal to boycott television for a month's period. I can understand how this would be beneficial to the youth that spends there day in front of the television, and I am for the proposal. For one, it gives hours of extra time for those individuals to spend their time on something else. It would give chances for children and parents to have better communication with no distractions. And finally it's a good incentive to even make a possible habit of it.

Cutting hours in front of the television gives everyone more time in their day. Since these children can spend up to five and six hours in front of a television, those hours are being wasted and can be put to something more productive instead. They could study for test, look for jobs, or join something that interests them. Things that they will have to when they are bored of just sitting around without TV. The time could also be used to get more physically fit and improve health. Reading books would also be another option to combat the dullness without TV, which would also be a healthier option then sitting in front of a Television.

I believe that if television is cut back that I would allow for better communication between parent and child. My reasoning for this is that instead of being in front of a TV distracted, they can interact with their parents in a more focused manor. The freed time can also give parents and children the time for more bonding to happen on a more personal level. Being that these people will not be in front of the TV they the time to seek out each other and depend on each other for entertainment. Possibly even help each other, with cooking and cleaning or even homework.

Finally after this "trial" period is over, the families might like to take it upon themselves to make it a routine on their own time. This month could be the period where these families


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