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Knights - Medieval Period

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In the medieval period, many men wanted to do was become a knight for their town and king. The men had very different reasonings for becoming a gentleman to their community and leader. Being a knight meant you had many responsibility, but with that responsibility brought honor and nobility to you and your family. Some men might have become knights because of the pressure they faced by their family, self-betterment or because they wanted to protect their kingdom.

Many men became knights because of their family. Numerous parents pushed their boys to serve as knights because it would offer them a better life then they already had. Being a knight brought respect and honor to their family and with that dignity brought wealth to the household. Fathers also wanted something better for their boys beside what they do. Countless numbers of boys outlook on life on consisted of what their fathers did for a living, and most of the time their dads jobs wasn't what they wanted to do. Knighthood didn't always come because the parents pressuring the children, but because of a better life outlook.

Men not only became knights because of their family, but because of self-betterment. When you became a knight you became more loyal to your family and nobles which made you a better person all around. Sometimes the knights became famous throughout their town and country which could also lead to wealth. They men after becoming knights could become wealthy by getting land and money from lords and kings which in turn could support a family and have a higher quality of life. Being a knight gives men self betterment in their life, but that is not the only quality they get from becoming a knight.

Another reason men became knights was because they wanted to protect their kingdom. They wanted to protect their king from dangers and help other people in need that cannot help themselves. Many of the knights wanted to win big battles, not only because


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