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On the English Translation of Public Signs Translation —an Intercultural Communication Perspective

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According to intercultural communication, the purpose and function of translation are reflected, which convey the information of cross-language and cultural barrier. Red tourism translation is a better reflection for the purpose and function of intercultural communication. It opens a window for foreigners to touch Chinese history and revolutionary and culture, promoting cultural exchange and economic cooperation. The thesis applies translation theory and makes a research on red tourism commentary translation from perspective of intercultural communication, contributing to the improvement of translation, also broadening the application field of intercultural communication.

The translation of the red tourism commentary is a special kind of cross-cultural communication. Cultural and stylistic factors are difficult for translators in the process of translation. Some techniques are needed to overcome the cultural differences between the source-language readers and the target-language readers. In the field of English translation of red tourist materials,cultural factors are more important than language itself, especially for the default in reorganization and culture. The author has talked the five principles of red tourism commentary translation, and then three strategies of translation are put forward according to the influences and requirement. "Foreignization" is as the dominant translation strategy in the translating process of red tourism commentary translation in order to know Chinese revolutionary culture better for foreign tourists. Some proper methods are used to deal with the overloaded message and inadequate message, they are: deletion, paraphrase, compilation, addition, explanation and analogy. Style is also an important factor to be considered. Through these adjustments, the closest equivalence is obtained though the form is more or less changed.Given priority to content is by no means of neglecting form, since form and content are complementary


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